Steam Happens #18: Two Boats, Two Visions A World Apart

(the movies below are very large files and should be downloaded only if you have a broadband connection)

A ride on Russ Steeves' launch Redbud:

Russ organizes the Charles River Meet in Boston in early October each year.
Drop him a line if you can make it. His email is or tel (978) 256 6333


Drying out the boat prior to launching

Note the quality of brightwork and polish

Russ covered most hot surfaces with his own macrame.  Beautiful knot work!

Backing out of the Lee's Mills boat ramp

More cockpit details. Macrame and carpets!

Some engine and piping details

Minor adjustments.  I've never seen this much attention to detail.  This is truly a magnificent boat.

Download Redbud movies:

Redbud Movie1

Redbud Movie 2

Redbud Cannon

Cannon Take-down


Ivan Chute  lives in Sebago, Maine and can be reached at: PO Box 70, 04029, or phone (207) 787 8857. 
Ivan does not have computer access.

At the Lee's Mills dock

Looking aft from wheelhouse

looking forward


Ivan in wheelhouse

Moving along at 60 psi

Note the clear instructions on head.  No mistakes wanted!

Vern LeDuc's twin simple side valved engine

engine from above


Click here for large movie of a ride on RAECAROL

(do not download unless you have a broadband connection)