Steam Happens #14

The On-going Saga of the “Carrie-Jean “ and a Plunge into Art

Part of the lineup at Lee's Mill 2008

Photos of the Carrie-Jean (nee Santa Cruz II)

at Lee's Mill 2008

Getting up steam

backing out at Lee's Mill

All ahead slow

Back at the dock

rails and bit

The Engine and Mechanicals


looking forward

looking aft

The steam atomizer and venturi

Top end of steeple compound

steam pump

There is a nice video of this type of pump in operation at


View from the con

Dick Vennerbeck (left) and Allen Blazick (with beard at stern)

And Now for Something Different

Dick's Kenetic Steam Work Projects and Related Stuff

The Monster Garage ChrisCraft

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The Artist known as "Swoon" tackles the sternwheeler Wilhelmina

You have got to see this extravaganza for yourself at 

A good article also appeared in the New York Times at

with another at

If you don’t have a broadband connection run, don’t walk, to your local library and check this out.

Now I don’t know much about art, but I know what I like….steam!!! You may recall that in my first article I implored Steam Geezers everywhere to get on the stick and help transfer our enthusiasm to the younger generation before we kick the bucket. Dick Vennerbeck has assisted a large group of creative people in doing just that, and whether you like this art or not you must admit that the KSW has engaged good numbers of young, creative people in our hobby….He’s done a  great job!  Now ask yourself, “What have I done for the perpetuation of the hobby lately, huh?”  Congratulations Dick and KSW.  Wish I had a group like that in Maine. Let’s see, what can we do with a steam-operated Lombard logging engine?